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Meet Denise

We each are the creator of our story, and have the power to change it.

My Story

Hey There!

Denise Here!

A little about me:  I grew up in beautiful Vermont enjoying the outdoors; skiing, biking, hiking, camping, etc.  My parents were very active, not only physically but also in the community.  This is where I gained my love for the outdoors and the benefits of “playing”!  I always felt energized, strong, capable, and good after moving my body…… HMMMM - Dopamine - those feel good hormones!

I’ve been married for over 30 years and we have 4 amazing children and an awesome Pup.  Being a parent has taught me so much…..or should I say, My kids have taught me! How unique each one is, we all have our own special gifts & talents, different viewpoints and attitudes.  I learned about acceptance and the value of a safe space - listening.

After our second child, I changed my career and became a “Domestic Engineer” or Mom-preneur.  Yup…. stay at home mom.  And I loved it! I was able to be with the kids, coach their activities, volunteer, and Play a ton with them!

Then my kids started flying out of the nest….. That’s when I started asking myself “What comes next?”  “What to fill my time with?” “Am I too old to start a new career?” “What does the next chapter hold?” “What do I really like to do?”….. OMG!  I sure had some doubts and my critter brain was not helping me move forward with positive action.  Critter Brain kept saying: “You're too old, it’s too late to go back to school, you couldn’t work doing that, you're not skilled”….Lots of limiting beliefs. 

But then I had a couple great mentors and coaches who gave me guidance and encouragement.

“Take one step at a time”

“Just say “yes”.  

“Spend quiet time exploring who you want to be and what you want to do in this next chapter.”

I thanked that critter brain for trying to protect me but pushed her off my shoulder and just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

There were also some of life’s hurdles and lessons that led me to becoming a coach:

  • Son had a serious ski accident and his strong physical health was a significant factor in his recovery

  • A niece battling addiction and supporting her through her journey to recovery

  • My battle with cancer as well as my sister's and my mother's 

  • Dealing with ADHD amongst family and friends

  • Depression and Anxiety in my family


With each of these hurdles I noticed that physical & mental health played a significant role positively or negatively.  Not only to each of my loved ones but for me and how I was able to show up as a Mom, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Relative, and Wife.  Over the years many healthy habits evolved that helped me feel good and stay strong throughout the stages of my life.


One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned is that having a positive mental attitude helps make these rough spots a little easier.  A positive attitude doesn’t change the facts but it does change how you feel and your sense of hope.  Do you see the glass half full, or half empty? It’s not about just being happy, but seeing what else is true….and showing gratitude for what is good.


I've also learned:

We are all human, and none of us are perfect,

Health is much more than what you put in your mouth and movement,


People are good and doing the best they can,

Health is a journey not a marathon,

We each are the creator of our story, and have the power to change it,


We can do hard things - especially with support,


Small hinges swing big doors,


Your habits become who you are and your lifestyle,

We are stronger than we think.

I believe one of the biggest driving factor that brought me to Health & Life coaching was that I have always felt a calling to help lift others up, bring joy into their lives, and help them feel empowered.  I knew whatever I did, it would be to support others to better themselves.

With the invaluable health & life coach training at HCI (Health Coach Institute) and my life experiences and skills, I am able to effectively partner with my clients to create a personalized plan and empower them to believe in themselves to become their best self.   

My journey continues. The world is ever changing. My kids grow up. And life just keeps moving forward.  We each have the choice to be the passenger or the driver of our lives.


Partnering with those who have a desire to grow is my passion.  I am honored you are here, and I’d be honored to be on your journey with you to become your best self.



Be Well & Shine!


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