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Your new day

starts today

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Say yes...

Become the most inspired, connected and productive version of you.

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Are you going through a significant life transition and

feel overwhelmed,

unfulfilled, unsettled,

or a loss of meaning or purpose?

Are you Yearning to feel better in your mind and body?

Are you feeling stuck and asking yourself 'Is this all?'


If any of these feel familiar, then you are in the right place....

Now is the time to say 'YES' to yourself,

and take this first step to reinvent and reignite your life!

As a life, health & wellness coach I support you to get to a

place of better health, joy, and empowerment

so you can flourish and live the life you desire!  

Why work with a health coach?

Do you want to feel more...

✔️ Joy

✔️ Clarity
✔️ Presence
✔️ Vibrance

✔️ Confident in your skin

✔️Alignment with your purpose

✔️ Motivation to get you there 

Because you have the ability to thrive, and with transformation from the inside-out, a more energized, balanced and vibrant life is right around the corner. Begin working with a health coach (and your personal cheerleader on this journey) today, and see how far you rise on 

your new day.


Guided by a practical, always optimistic approach, I help clients find the clarity they need to discover their own unique vision for their highest self.


Together, we cultivate an empowered and fully reinvigorated state of mind; develop a tangible and actionable roadmap for your journey to personal transformation; and bring that journey to life by taking small but powerful steps every New Day. 

I help my clients find their optimal wellness through developing a deeper understanding of their strengths, habits and lifestyle choices. As a certified Health Coach, I aim to create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again.

Hello! I'm Denise.

And this is New Day Health & Wellness.




The Benefits of Health Coaching






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 “I learned to be much more aware, made healthier choices, became more present in my life and less robotic.”  (Denise) “Helped with accountability and she was someone who would assist in reframing my thinking so it was positive, while being my cheerleader."

K. Ryder


 "Thank you for today's coaching. I'm filled with optimism and belief to jump start my day today."

T. Laxman

All in all it was like every week I would get a piece of wood to build my house. We started with a strong foundation then I was given four walls, a roof and even some fun decorations. So by the end I had a safe space that I could rely on to get me through anything.



"But now... I am happy to report that I am down almost 80 pounds, I exercise regularly and I have completely changed my eating habits and most importantly my relationship with food. I have had many ups and downs over the past six months but my coach is always there to listen and guide me back to the path that we laid out on day one."


Get to know your New Day...

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